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Bonjour! If you didn’t catch my name, it’s Christina, and I am a lover of good red wine, old hymns, cheese, florals, and carbs. I believe everything is better with a macaron, and Paris is always where I want to be! When I’m not on the go, I live in a sweet little house in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband Will, and dachshund Basil (she is a large part of the logo).

I learned all the details of throwing a good party from my grandmother and never pass up an opportunity to host. Details are the key to everything.

Two of my focuses are, food and florals- it’s the fun of being given ingredients to carefully combine, and create a delicious finished product! The challenge and the completion for scheming and dreaming is so fulfilling.

For those who wonder, the name Huckleberry Collective is a nod to my maiden name, Huckaby, and Collective, because you will see a variety of inspiration and work from me, hence "the food and flower enthusiast". I have a passion for all things creative and my vision for Huckleberry Collective is to share that creativity through my lifestyle, floral design, styling, recipes, and stories.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

- Booker T. Washington

Huckleberry Collective

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