Welcome to Huckleberry Collective!

You made it to my About page, so I really appreciate your interest. My name is Christina, and I suppose the best way to describe myself, is a lady of many hats. My husband (Will) likes to call me a Renaissance woman, because I am rocking and rolling the freelance life. We live in Birmingham, Alabama with our long-haired dachshund Basil (if you follow me, you know we are obsessed). I am a lover of good red wine, old hymns, cheese, florals, and carbs.

I've always had a desire in my heart to create things. From a young age I was constantly doing something to satisfy that creative itch within me. I'll be honest in saying that the four years prior to starting this freelance journey felt a lot like struggling down the aisle of a grocery store when it's packed after church on Sunday. I was shuffling through life, grasping at straws, attempting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Lord, bless my husband, because I started two companies, and changed jobs three times, in the first three years of our marriage. One day, I was sitting in an office, and I started this website, without any clue what I was doing. I was talking with a friend the other day, and we both came to the conclusion that we built our blogs out of boredom. But, I am so thankful for that boredom, because this has been a great ride so far.

For those who wonder, the name Huckleberry Collective is a nod to my maiden name, Huckaby and Collective, because you will see a variety of inspiration and work from me, hence the "food and flower enthusiast". I have a passion for all things creative and my vision for Huckleberry Collective is to share that creativity through my life events, floral design, styling, recipes, and stories.