Gifts You Will Love

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have put together a list of my favorite products right now! If you are like me and can't ever think of what you want or what to gift someone, here are some great ideas. 

Huckleberry Collective

1. Crate and Barel Honey Jar How cute is this? My husband had this in my stocking for Christmas. Great for when you have guests over for the weekend or just that little special counter top detail.

2.  Carven Le Parfum This is a new scent I got recently! It is fresh but also polished and subtle . 

3. Jeni's Ice Cream If you haven't had Jeni's Ice Cream you haven't lived. Thank Heavens Birmingham doesn't have a scoop shop because I would be ten feet wide. You can find them at a few store locations or order online. What a treat!!

4. Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart Dutch Oven  Everyone knows Le Creuset is premium cookware, but they had to go and get all cute on us. This small dutch oven just sent me over the edge!

5. Paddywax Geranium and Basil Travel Candle  A friend of mine in Memphis sent me this candle a while back and it is amazing. It is so small but puts off a delightful scent. I have the geranium and basil in my kitchen. 

6. Lake Pajamas Berry Stripe Nightgown This nightgown will change your life. I want 5 of them! They are 100% Pima Cotton... need I say more? 

7. Cooking for Jeffrey By Ina Garten If you like to cook and you don't follow Ina Garten on instagram you should. Her recipes and love for her husband combined into one cookbook...winner!