Seasonal Cheese Board

If you were to ask my favorite food, anyone that knows me, without hesitation, would say cheese. I have a serious weakness for a really good cheese, but to be honest I don't discriminate. I've been known to even eat string cheese from time to time. Enough about me, lets talk about this cheese board. This time of year there are parties almost every night, so you need just the right appetizer to take. This has is my seasonal take on a cheese board, and you can't go wrong with these items. 

Huckleberry Collective
  1. Base- I started with a large round cheese board
  2. Cheese- Three cheeses for variety (feel free to add more), pimento, sharp cheddar, and brie.
  3. Meat- 2 Meats, Genoa Salami and Pepperoni
  4. Cracker- Pita Crackers are on the board but I also did pretzel thins which are not shown.
  5. Fruit- Blackberries and Dried Cranberries
  6. Nut- Mixed variety that included; pecans, almonds, cashews and macadamia
  7. Garnish- Rosemary, you can also use basil, parsley, or mint.
  8. Jellies or Jams- Champagne Pepper Jelly and Jalapeno Blackberry Jam
  9. Knives- Only one is pictured, but make sure to have one knife per cheese so you don’t mix the different flavors.

Other item suggestions: pancetta, prosciutto, pickles, grapes, cheese straws, olives and mango. Get creative and know that there are no rules!


Shopping List:

  • Trader Joe’s Wisconsin Extra Sharp Cheddar
  • Trader Joe’s Double Cream Brie
  • Pimento Cheese with Jalapeno Blackberry Jam from New Hope
  • Champagne Pepper Jelly
  • Trader Joe’s Pita Bite Crackers
  • Planters Mixed Nuts
  • Rosemary Garnish
  • Trader Joe’s Dried Cranberries
  • Trader Joe’s Blackberries
  • Boar’s Head Genoa Salami
  • Boar’s Head Pepperoni