One Year Blogiversary

I am about a month late posting this, but Huckleberry Collective has one year in the books! Boy, what a year it has been.  I've always had a desire in my heart to create things. From a young age I was constantly doing something to satisfy that creative itch within me. I'll be honest in saying that the four years prior to starting this freelance journey felt a lot like struggling down the aisle of a grocery store when it's packed after church on Sunday. I was shuffling through life, grasping at straws, attempting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Lord, bless my husband, because I started two companies, and changed jobs three times, in the first three years of our marriage. One day, I was sitting in an office, and I started this website, without any clue what I was doing. I was talking with a friend the other day, and we both came to the conclusion that we built our blogs out of boredom. Lord, I am so thankful for it! I don't think you ever know for sure "what you want to do with your life", but what I can say is, I know God is faithful, and His hand has been at work through Huckleberry Collective. I am going to share 10 things I have learned over the past year, and I hope that if you are struggling to find your place in this world, that you will be patient, and trust that Jesus has a plan for you. Because, let's be honest, He is way better at handling it than we are!

Huckleberry Collective
Huckleberry Collective

1. When baking a pie, always cover it with foil for those last few me on this one. 

2. Tulips are the worst flowers ever. Don't get me wrong, I love them so much, but they are finicky and high maintenance. Vodka and sugar help keep them alive. 

3. A good glass of wine makes everything better. 

4. Connecting with like minded people in your area of expertise is everything! I have met some amazingly talented men and women over the past year. I am very thankful for their influence, direction and support. We were designed to have community, and without mine I would be lost!

5. Be thankful for the small victories, and don't forget to celebrate how far you've come, and that often calls for a margarita.

6. Instagram's algorithm is annoying.

7. Don't compare yourself or your blog to others. I heard this at church just yesterday, and it is so valuable. The devil trades in the currency of DOUBT.  The Devil is just waiting for you to doubt your potential or blessings... don't fall into his trap.

8.  Don't cram too much into a day. Rushed work always looks like rushed work. Still trying to follow this rule... don't judge me.  

9.  Exercise. Before I started this journey, and about half way through 2017 I hit a major rut. I got so busy that I fell off the wagon with exercise. Worst idea ever. Even if you only have 20 minutes, do it!

10. Lastly, there is always going to be someone that knows more than you, or has a different style. Be willing to learn something new everyday.